Establishing workflows for transferring material from obsolete media or the cloud represent a core function of our work. Workflows for working with media such as floppy disks and optical discs like CD-ROMs are included here for your use and adaptation. These include steps to create forensic images or file transfers that maintain the bit integrity of the material. The resulting packages constitute "Submission Information Packages," ready for deposit in the library's preservation systems.

Working with students
Our lab is a space for both teaching and production, and provides a place for students to gain experience in digital preservation practice. Our workflows are designed and maintained through the research and testing of graduate student employees, and can accommodate production-level outputs with the assumption that graduate employees and interns will handle a fair amount of the work.

Software used in the workflows include:

Forensic Toolkit (FTK) Imager
Brunnhilde run through a BitCurator VM on Virtual Box
Software included with Device Side Data’s FC5025

Additional tools will be implemented as we extend our workflows to include archival processing and additional preservation actions, such as file normalization.

These workflows are shared as-is and may include some internal terminology. Feel free to contact us at  for clarifications or questions. Also, we are still learning the intricacies of preserving this type of content, and workflows will likely change as we adjust our methods.